Should I Migrate My Mac?

Hello everyone. I just bought the latest M1 MacBook Pro a few days ago. Now I want to transfer the data from my old MacBook to the new computer. Do I use Migration Assistant to migrate data or choose to transfer files manually? This is very important to me. Please help me, thank you!

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Rel· Answered on Feb 22, 2023

No, I don't think you should migrate your mac.

I recommend that you start fresh on your new computer and back up the important data in your old computer. 

On the one hand, according to the feedback of many Mac users, using the Migration Assistant for file migration will bring a series of problems, which may even lead to data confusion. 

On the other hand, reinstalling the application, you need in the new computer will help you eliminate bugs, malware, and other unnecessary things that may have accumulated over the years. It's like throwing all the unwanted things into the trash can when you move to a new house.

At the same time, I recommend you use EaseUS Todo Backup Home for mac to back up the important data in your old Macbook.

This professional backup software offers a comprehensive Mac Data Backup solution and gives automatic backup solutions of files, folders, apps, and system data you need. You can save these backups on the free cloud EaseUS offers or a USB you own and transfer the data to the new Macbook at any time.

So, in my point, you should not migrate your mac. You can start fresh and use EaseUS Todo Backup for mac to back up all the data you need.

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