Should I Backup Steam Games?

I use Steam to play games, and I have purchased many games on it. I know that Steam has cloud storage, and will sync my game data automatically. But I saw some posts advising me to create a backup. Is it necessary? Should I back up the Steam game to another location?

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Larissa· Answered on Mar 21, 2023

Steam game archives, including settings, configurations, archive information, etc., are the key to the normal operation of the game. Although Steam provides cloud storage services, there are still cases of losing game progress, and many negative posts are complaints. Many players are plagued by this issue and have had horrible experiences.

Therefore, it is best to back up your Steam games to avoid this issue. Backups will help restore game progress when your data is lost due to hard drive failures, computer constant creases, etc.

The Steam games require frequent and regular backup. If you want to make the process automatic and easy, using backup software, like EaseUS Todo Backup, is necessary. 

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EaseUS Todo Backup is a professional file backup tool with a simple interface and scheduled backup feature. You can set a time, it will save the game data to the specified location. Support multiple storage locations, you can save the game copies to an internal & external hard drive, a network location, a cloud service, or a security zone. 

With it, you can back up your Steam game with a few clicks:

  • Download and launch EaseUS Todo Backup on your Windows PC.
  • Click "Create backup" on the main interface, and choose "File" as the backup source.
  • Select Steam game data, and select a backup location.
  • Click Backup now to start the process.

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