What Kind of Offsite Backup Solutions Work Best for Home Servers?

I'm planing to back up my home server. What is the best offsite backup solution? I want my data to be under very secure protection measures but not too costly. Do you have any good suggestions?

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Rel· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

Hi, in order to follow the 3-2-1 backup rule, I think a good solution to back up your home server would be to keep copies of all your data on 3 different storage media, one of them preferably offsite.

ūüďćSo I would like to recommend you use the following backup scheme:

  • Buy a Synology NAS (can be shared with a friend to save cost)
  • Choose a professional backup tool, preferably with powerful backup features
  • Use a backup tool to back up your home server to multiple storage media such as NAS, cloud, disk, etc.

With the above, you can make a remote recovery in case your device fails and causes data loss, or you can achieve local data recovery directly through NAS. In terms of results, this backup solution brings maximum data security and provides you with more flexible data recovery methods. Even if you have a devastating problem with one of your storage media, you can still access your data quickly.

In terms of backup tool selection, I personally highly recommend EaseUS Todo Backup, one of the most powerful backup software available, which not only performs extremely well in all aspects but also supports multiple storage routes and offers dedicated EaseUS cloud space.

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If you don't have a trusted provider at the moment, you can also store a copy of your data directly in the cloud provided by EaseUS. While saving costs, it is also convenient for you to restore off-site at any time.

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