Is Windows Recovery USB Bootable or Not?

Is the USB recovery drive for Windows 10 the same as a bootable USB drive with Windows 10? Or is Windows recovery USB bootable?

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Melissa Lee· Answered on Feb 22, 2023

To know if Windows Recovery USB is bootable or not, we need to check some basic information about it.

A recovery USB drive is an external storage device that stores Windows 10 operating system data. It can also be a DVD. With its help, you can store the system information in it and reinstall your Windows 10 system on your computer.

In this regard, it is a safe place outside your computer to store your data if there's an abrupt hardware failure or system malfunction. But it is not bootable.

The bootable drive comes with your computer. It is an internal hard drive or SSD of your computer. And your computer can boot or startup from here. It is a physical hard drive, and the necessary files are located in it.

It will be affected by a hardware failure or system breakdown. Therefore, if your computer is running up against these situations, you may not be able to find the system data you need here.

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