Is There Any Way to Perform a Full System Restore on Windows 7?

My Windows 7 computer always shuts down suddenly in recent days. So, I plan to restrive its to a previous state to cover the error. I am wondering if there any way to perform a full system restore on my computer. Any advise would be appreciated.

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Larissa· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

Performing a system restore will roll your computer to its previous working state, which is a practical solution fox fix many computer errors. Windows has a built-in System Restore utility that you can make use of. The premise of using System Restore is that you must create system restore points before, and you can choose to return to a certain point when your computer was working correctly.

Now follow the steps to perform a full system restore:

  • Before you start the restore process, it is recommended that you back up all of your important files and data before starting the system restore. This can be done by saving them to an external hard drive or cloud storage service, or a NAS device with professional free backup software, like EaseUS Todo Backup.

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  • Restarting your computer and pressing the F8 key repeatedly until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears.
  • From the Advanced Boot Options menu, select "Repair Your Computer" using the arrow keys on your keyboard and press Enter.
  • From the System Recovery Options menu, select "System Restore" and click "Next."
  • Select a restore point from the list of available options. This should be a date and time when your computer was functioning properly. Click "Next" to continue.
  • Check the details of your chosen restore point and click "Finish" to begin the restore process.

Depending on the quantity of data being restored, the restoration procedure may take some time to finish. During this period, do not interrupt the procedure or turn off your computer. 

When the restoration process is finished, your computer will be returned to its original factory settings. After that, you can reinstall your apps and restore your files to your computer.

As you can see, executing a full System Restore is difficult and time-consuming. EaseUS Todo Backup is a backup and restore software that may help you back up and recover your Windows system with a few simple clicks. You don't even have to operate manually using a scheduled backup feature. Download it and give it a shot.

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