Is There An Equivalent of Time Machine for Windows

Like my title describes, is there an equivalent to Time Machine for Windows 10? My dad uses a Windows-based computer, but he did something to it that I don't know what, and there was a major problem with the system. Although I had a repairman fix the computer, it cost me a lot of money. Is there any Windows backup tool like Time Machine that can help my dad restore all his data when he needs it?

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Rel· Answered on Apr 30, 2023

Time Machine is an extremely useful backup program built into macOS that backs up your important data for your Mac PC on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, and can restore the backed-up files whenever the Mac user needs them.

For Windows, it's not uncommon to find software or tools that offer the same functionality as Time Machine. However, based on your dad's situation, I think ordinary backup software may not be enough to solve your problem.

According to your description, I infer that your dad may not be familiar with computer operations. This causes some of his operations to make the system malfunction during the use of the computer. This may happen frequently until he is more familiar with the computer.

So, creating a Windows 10 Recovery USB is also what you need as compared to backing up your data. After a computer failure, you can use the Recovery USB to fix the system failure problem and make the computer run normally.

So, I would recommend EaseUS Todo Backup Home as an equivalent to Time Machine for Windows 10.

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EaseUS Todo Backup Home is a more professional backup software than Time Machine. It not only automatically backs up all your data, including files, disks, and even your entire system at the intervals you set, but it also helps you to do more advanced operations such as cloning your hard disk, creating Windows Recovery USB, etc. With its help, your data security will be very stable and guaranteed.

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