Is the Steam Backup Feature Worth Using and How to Use It?

Hi, I've been having trouble lately with how to back up my Steam games since I'm replacing my new computer. I know Steam has a built-in backup feature, but my friends don't think this feature is practical. Do I need to choose a third-party tool to back up my game files?

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Hi you. Is the Steam Backup feature worth using? In my perspective, the answer is yes.

In order to enable users to transmit game data between different devices, Steam provides a built-in Backup and Restore function for all users. If you aim to back up all Steam games to your new PC, this feature can help you achieve your goal with security. 

You can follow the tutorial to get how to use the Steam backup feature.

Step 1. Open your Steam Client on your old PC, and head to the Steam option at the top of the window.

Step 2. Navigate to Backup and Restore Games> Backup currently installed programs.

Step 3. Then you can see all the games you installed before. Check the games you want to back up to the new PC, and hit Next.

Step 4. Set a Backup destination, and start the backup process according to the prompts.

Following the tutorial above, you can easily learn how to use Steam's backup feature. However, Steam's backup feature has two drawbacks.

One is that it's very slow, and you may need at least 30 mins to back up a small game. Second, it only backs up the local files of the game, not the game saves or other custom content.

Compared to Steam's backup function, I would recommend the professional backup software EaseUS Todo Backup Home as an assistant for backing up all your game files.

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