Is It Necessary to Clone the Entire Disk Every Time for Backup Purposes?

The title is my question. I never figured out the difference between cloning and backup, but now that I want to keep my data safe, do I need to clone the entire disk every time?

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Rel· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

First, let me answer your question. No, it is not necessary to clone the entire disk every time just for backup purposes.

In fact, backup and cloning are not the same concepts. Backing up is copying data to another location to prevent data loss or corruption, while cloning is copying an entire disk or partition to another storage media to create an identical copy. A backup usually backs up only important files and folders, but a clone makes an exact copy of the entire disk or partition's contents.

So, if you go cloning entire disks with the purpose of backing up important data, then this is an inefficient way to back up.

Usually, when you need to back up important files, you don't have to clone the entire drive. You can locate only the location or folders of the exact file and use them as backup targets.

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