Is HDD Better Than SSD for Backup?

I have both HDD and SSD, and want to figure out what storage is best for backup. I tried to find the answer on Google, but I got a different answer. So, I am confused. Is HDD better than SSD for backup?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Feb 24, 2023

Of course, yes! Generally speaking, the HDD is better than SSD for backup. 

First of all, the price per GB is much lower for HDDs than with SSDs, which adds up as you use more storage. You can save a lot of money. 

Secondly, SSDs cannot hold data in a dormant state for a long time, which means you need occasionally power them on, otherwise, all your data will be gone. If you use an HDD, you can avoid these problems. To conclude, the HDD is a better backup option than the SSD.

Moreover, if you are going to back up to/from HDD, you will always need easy-to-use yet powerful backup software, like EaseUS Todo Backup. This software lets you create HDD/SSD backups with a few simple clicks. Plus, it provides many advanced backup options, like schedule backup, encrypted backup, and more. All in all, this software makes almost all backup activities simpler and easier.

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