Is an External Hard Drive a Better Backup Option Than iCloud for Storing 50 GB Backup?

Hello! I have some very valuable data on my Mac that needs to be backed up, plus some game saves, and I want to save a total of 50GB of data. I'm currently torn between using HDD or iCloud as a data backup destination. Do you have any suggestions?

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Rel· Answered on May 18, 2023

Hi, there. When it comes to choosing a backup destination, external hard drives and iCloud each have their own pros and cons.

An external hard drive has a lot of data capacity and is a more cost-effective option because you can buy it at once and use it forever. Also, an external hard drive tends to be extremely secure and stable, and unless it is severely physically damaged, it will continue to keep your data safe.

And iCloud is a famous cloud service provided by Apple, the best feature of which is that it supports users to access the data saved in it from anywhere there is internet access. It provides automatic data synchronization for Mac and iPhone, and convenience is its biggest feature. 

However, iCloud service does not provide permanent access, it will charge you a monthly fee according to the size of the storage capacity you choose. In the long run, iCloud will cost more compared to an external hard drive.

In my opinion, you don't really have to struggle with whether to choose an external hard drive or a cloud service to store copies of your data. According to the 3-2-1 backup rule, you need to back up on 3 different platforms at the same time to maximize the security of the data you have. If that 50GB of data is very valuable to you, then both an external hard drive and cloud space are what you need.

Meanwhile, 50GB of data will take a lot of time if you use the manual copy method for backup. These are the times when EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac can come in handy.

This offline backup software can backup 50GB of data for you in a very short time and can support you in saving copies on external hard drives, local disks, third-party platforms, and the 250GB of free cloud space it provides.

With the help of EaseUS, you only need to purchase an external hard drive to follow the 3-2-1 backup rule perfectly and keep your data safe properly.

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