Is a Disk Image a Backup?

I plan to create a backup for my whole computer, but I don’t have an external hard drive that has equal or larger storage space than my computer. I searched for some information, and someone suggested I create a disk image. I haven’t used it before. I am wondering if a disk image is the same as a backup. How can I create a disk image?

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Larissa· Answered on Mar 17, 2023

The answer is an absolute YES.

A disk image can be used as a backup of your computer to restore when a virus attacks your computer or when your hard drive fails, or your computer. This disk image will be helpful and restore your system image with quick speed.

Although you can use the disk image as a backup of your computer, you need to make it clear that the disk image and backup are not totally the same.

A disk image means a copy of your original system C: drive, including files, folders, programs, settings, configuration, etc. And the image will compress the file size to save more space.

Backup is a broader concept, including disk backup and files/folders, system, partition, app data backup, etc.

If you want to create a disk image with quick and easy steps, you should use third-party software like EaseUS Todo Backup. It is a professional and reliable backup and restore program, offering both backup and create disk image features. You can use it to backup files, disks, and even app data, as well as create a disk image.

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With it, you can click a few buttons to create a disk image. Download and try it:

  • Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, and click Create Backup on the home screen.
  • Click "OS" as the backup source.
  • Select a location to store your disk image.
  • Click "Backup Now" to start the process.

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