How to Make Bootable Pendrive from Another Bootable Pendrive?

Hi there. How can I make a bootable pen drive from another bootable pen drive? I tried copying the whole bootable pen drive and paste to another one, but it's not working. What can I do now? Any information and advice will be good.

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Rel· Answered on Mar 07, 2023

The method of copying and pasting certainly cannot help you make a bootable pen drive from another bootable pen drive. The bootable OS of a pen drive is installed as the installer, and you need the iso copy of the operating system to install it on another pen drive. In other words, you should use the cloning method to make a new bootable pen drive.

I suggest you use professional cloning software to achieve your goal. And EaseUS Disk Copy is the best helper.

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Compared with other competitors, EaseUS Disk Copy has excellent cloning speed. It will provide a safe and stable environment and can flexibly clone bootable pen drives to another bootable pen drive.

The simple steps of using EaseUS Disk Copy to clone your drive are shown below. Now download this software and follow the tutorial now.

Step 1. Run the EaseUS Disk Copy and click the Disk Mode option

Step 2. Choose the old bootable pen drive as the destination

Step 3. Set another bootable pen drive the target disk 

Step 4. Hit Proceed button to start cloning

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