How to Fix Apricorn EZ Gig IV Clone Failed?

I had planned to use Apricorn EZ Gig IV to clone my HDD to SSD, but I always encountered various problems while using this software. The cloning process is slow, and sometimes it doesn't recognize the drive and even tells me that the cloning failed. What can I do to avoid these problems? Or is there a better cloning software recommended?

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Based on your description, you are currently experiencing a problem where Apricorn EZ Gig IV does not recognize your drive, and the cloning process either fails or progresses slowly.

When the Apricorn EZ Gig IV does not recognize the HDD, you need first to check if the BIOS can detect the disk and also check Disk Management. If the BIOS cannot detect the drive, you need to try to reconnect.

And if the cloning process is slow or fails, it is most likely because Apricorn EZ Gig IV is cloning a disk with bad sectors. When Apricorn EZ Gig IV is copying data on a bad sector, the cloning progress will stop or get stuck completely, resulting in a slow or failed clone.

To troubleshoot this issue, you can run CHKDSK to check if your disk has bad sectors, if so, you need to look for software that can clone disks with bad sectors to continue cloning your HDD. because if you try to repair the disk then all data on that bad sector will be lost and cannot be cloned to the new SSD.

According to many users' feedback, Apricorn EZ Gig IV has a pretty complete basic cloning feature, but the problems it currently has should not be taken lightly. If you want to avoid the extra hassle and find a more stable, secure, and powerful alternative to Apricorn EZ Gig IV, then EaseUS Disk Copy is the first choice.

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EaseUS Disk Copy is currently a widely acclaimed professional cloning program, and reliability and stability are the key reasons why it is so trusted. It can take care of all basic cloning tasks and can also play its part in more advanced cloning jobs. If you have an HDD with bad sectors, it can clone the HDD to SSD completely and quickly, fully maintaining the security of your data.

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