How to Cloud Backup Games That Do Not Support Steam Cloud?

I lost all my game progress on GTA5, and it was so crushing. My computer suddenly crashed in the middle of a game and can not restart again. After purchasing a new computer, I found out that some games are not supported by Steam Cloud, and I have to start from the beginning again. How can I cloud backup games that don't support Steam Cloud? I need your help so much!

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Rel· Answered on Apr 23, 2023

Hi there, For those games that don't support Steam Cloud, you need to back up the game save files if you want to keep the game progress. The location of the saves file is not the same for each game, so you need to get the exact saves file location in advance.

After you find the save file, you can copy and paste these data manually to another location on your local disk. If you'd like to do a cloud backup of your files, you can choose a cloud service provider you like. However, I actually recommend you use EaseUS Todo Backup Home as a game backup assistant.

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EaseUS Todo Backup Home is the best backup software for gamers on the market today. It helps users implement the 3-2-1 backup rule - data needs three copies stored on different platforms, and one of them should be saved offline for safekeeping.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home has powerful backup capabilities and supports you to save backups on local disks, external hard drives, and in the cloud simultaneously. It provides users with 250GB of free cloud space and supports you in storing saves files of games that don't support Steam Cloud in it for achieving the purpose of cloud backup you want.

You just need to determine the saves file location, and use it to create multiple automatic backup schedules with incremental backup mode. After each update of your game progress, EaseUS will make active updates to the data copies.

With the help of EaseUS, you can create 3 copies of your game data, saved in different media, as a way to meet the 3-2-1 rule and ensure maximum security for your files.

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