How to Clean Install Windows 10 from Recovery USB?

How to clean install Windows 10 from a recovery USB? I want to reinstall my system. I have already made a Windows 10 recovery USB. What should I do next?

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If you try to clean install Windows 10 from a recovery USB you created before, the first thing you should do is back up all your personal files or data. Reinstalling the system will erase all your original data, so you must ensure that your important files are absolutely safe before you start to act. 

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After backing up all your data, you can follow the simple 5 steps below to install Windows 10 from a recovery USB now.

Step 1. Make sure your recovery USB is connected to the Windows PC

Step 2. Turn on the system and hit the F12 key continually to open the boot selection menu

Step 3. Highlight the USB recovery drive in the list and press Enter key

Step 4. Set your keyboard layout and click Troubleshoot option on the menu

Step 5. Choose the Recover from a drive option and hit the Recover button to begin reinstalling Windows 10 process now.

To achieve a clean installation of Windows 10, we suggest you thoroughly wipe the drive when resetting Windows 10.

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