How to Backup My Warframe Settings?

I was playing Warframe with my friends and everything was fine. But yesterday my game suddenly disconnected and after reconnecting to the game I found that all my settings were lost. To avoid such a situation from happening again, I believe it will be great to back up the game settings, but how exactly should I do it?

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Rel· Answered on Nov 17, 2023

Warframe is a third-person online shooter. Under normal circumstances, your character data and game saves are stored on the official off-site servers the game producer provides.

However, most of your personal settings are not stored on the server but directly on your local PC. Because of this, a sudden disconnection of Warframe may result in corrupted game files and the loss of your game configuration.

By backing up these settings files, you can quickly recover your data and keep your game running after any data disaster. Backing up Warframe settings is not too difficult. Follow the guide below.

Step 1. Navigate to User> AppData> Local> Warframe.

Step 2. Find and back up the folder named with long letters and numbers.

Step 3. Find and back up the EE.cfg and Editor.cfg.

Normally, you can copy these files and paste them elsewhere on your PC to complete a manual backup, but I don't recommend doing that.

Besides sudden game drops, you may also encounter hardware failures, virus invasions, and other serious computer troubles. When such a data storm occurs, not only your Warframe setting files saved in the original path will be lost, but most likely, the entire computer will be wiped. At that point, the local backups you made earlier will be meaningless.

To meet the 3-2-1 backup rule, I recommend using the most gamer-friendly backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup Home.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home can create automatic backup schedules for your game files based on the incremental backup mode. After the data update of your specified game file, EaseUS will automatically recognize it and start backing up the latest copy of the data.

You can save all copies in 3 different locations - your external HDD, any local disk, and in the cloud space provided by EaseUS. With the aid of EaseUS, it will help you to recover your game data immediately, no matter what risk it is threatened by.

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