How to Backup My Games Saves to a Flash Drive?

The title says it all. I do not mind reinstalling all my Steam games, but the only thing I care about is my save file. Where can I find the game save files and back them up to my flash drive easily? Thanks a lot!

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Hi there. Currently, most games support the cloud synchronization function provided by Steam. Steam Cloud can automatically copy your game progress to Steam's own server. After you change your device or reinstall the system, you only need to log in to Steam with the same account to download the saved files previously synced to Steam Cloud. Then run the game, and you can restore the previous game's progress.

However, not all Steam games support cloud synchronization. Meanwhile, Steam Cloud also has some hidden dangers. Due to the automatic synchronization method adopted by Steam Cloud, unknown issues often occur, resulting in players losing saves and being unable to retrieve corresponding data.

Therefore, if you want to ensure that your games saves have no risk of loss, you can consider using professional software such as EaseUS Todo Backup Home to back up your game saves.

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You need to set the corresponding games save location as the backup target. EaseUS Todo Backup Home can save copies in its own cloud space, third-party platforms, or external drives that you have prepared at a fast speed. 

It is worth noting that the save files for different games are generally saved in different locations on the local disk C. You can use EaseUS to create multiple backup tasks at the same time, or you can directly back up the entire C disk data and quickly restore it on a new device.

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