How to Backup Mods in Disc for a New PC?

Next week I will reinstall my computer system and I'll lose all the data in my PC for that. I have downloaded a lot of fun mods for some games, and I don't wanna lose them. Is there any way I can quickly back up all the mods? It's too torturous to re-download.

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RelĀ· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

To quickly solve your problem, you can back up your mods by copying all mods files to an external HDD or USB and restoring them after you reinstall your PC.

There are 2 preparatory tasks you need to do before you start the backup.

šŸ“First, find the Mods file location.

If all your mods files are from the same game, then finding them may be a breeze for you. But if you have mods added to different games, it may take you a little longer to locate them.

šŸ“Second, look for a backup helper.

While the most straightforward way to back up your mods is to find the files, copy them manually, and paste them into another storage medium. Since you are searching for a solution to back up your mods quickly, a professional backup helper is a better option.

A professional backup tool not only has good backup performance, but also gives you a better backup strategy with advanced backup options support. From the perspective of stability, security, versatility, and usability, EaseUS Todo Backup is the best selection.

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EaseUS Todo Backup is one of the hottest auto-backup software on the market today and the finest backup assistant for gamers.

In addition to its excellent backup features, the 250GB of free cloud space it offers for each user is one of the reasons why it is attractive to gamers. You can save copies of all your mods files in the EaseUS cloud space and quickly recover all your data on a new computer without the need for third-party storage media.

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