How to Backup Bootable System Drive of macOS?

Hi, I use Backblaze as a means of backing up my Macbook on a daily basis. However, it only backs up some data files and does not have the ability to back up the system. So I am looking for a supplemental backup solution with the ability to backup bootable system drives of macOS.

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Rel· Answered on Oct 18, 2023

Hi, based on the description, I think you should choose a professional bootable backup software like EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac as your supplementary backup solution.

A bootable backup, often also called system backup, is just what you need to quickly restore your system image to a new device in case you encounter an unexpected event like your laptop being stolen. And bootable backup software is the best assistant to help you do all this.

EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac is an automatic backup tool for macOS and one of the most acclaimed backup software nowadays. With its help, you can create bootable backups for macOS in a short time with its simple user interface. 

Also, if your system does not occupy more than 250GB of space, you can store bootable backups in the free cloud space provided by EaseUS. No need to prepare additional USB or other external hard drives, so you can restore your system anytime, anywhere, after any data disaster.

What's more, besides creating system backups, EaseUS can also back up your files, PC disks, App data, etc., with its powerful features, which are more comprehensive and useful than Backblaze. You can create multiple automatic backup plans according to different needs and choose from any of the types of backup supported by EaseUS.


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