How to Backup 3TB of Data

Hi, I recently ran into an issue with my hard drive, and I almost lost 1 TB of data on it. Fortunately, I recover it with the data recovery software. But I still need to plan for the future and create a backup. What is the best way to back up my 3TB data on my computer? 

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Larissa· Answered on Feb 28, 2023

If you want to create a safe backup for your 3 TB of data, there are some factors you must consider before performing the backup:

  • Quantities of backups
  • Backup tool and method you use 
  • Storage location to save the backups
  • The restore speed of the backup

As for the quantities of the backup, it is suggested to apply the 3-2-1 backup strategy. It is a backup rule that a robust data protection plan should use, meaning three copies of the data should be saved in three different media or platforms, and one copy should be stored offline. You are supposed to apply a 3-2-1 backup plan for your 3TB of data.

Choosing a suitable backup method and tool is essential to protecting your data security. A reliable backup tool will save a lot of hassle and keep your data secure. EaseUS Todo Backup is one of the best reliable backup tools that support various types of backup, including full backup, incremental and differential backup, encrypted backup, scheduled backup, etc. 

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Cloud services are becoming increasingly popular, and most people prefer to use Cloud services as their storage location to save these backups. EaseUS Todo Backup has its own EaseUS cloud service and provides 250GB of free cloud storage to save your backup files.

It is also necessary to keep the restore speed in mind when you choose a backup method. An excellent backup tool must ensure a quick recovery speed so as not to affect work efficiency.

Considering all the factors, EaseUS Todo Backup is the best choice to back up 3TB of data safely. Offering multiple backup sources and target locations, EaseUS Todo Backup will keep the absolute security of your 3TB of data. 

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