How Secure Is Your Data in Online Cloud Backup Services?

Hello, recently, I have been considering using an online cloud service to back up our important information and data. But my wife thinks differently from me. She thinks cloud service is not very secure. So I would like to ask you guys, how secure is the data in the online cloud backup service? How can I persuade her?

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Rel· Answered on Mar 29, 2023

Cloud backup can replicate the data stored by users on their hard disks, transmit them, and store them on secure remote servers. Before your data is uploaded to the server provided by the cloud service, the cloud provider has used at least 128-bit SSL encryption technology for them, which is one of the security measures that banks will use.

Because of this, the security of most cloud backups is much higher than that of local backups. The local backup will face unpredictable data risks such as virus intrusion and hardware failures, while cloud-backed-up data will not be affected by these factors and can be maintained in an accessible state at any time and anywhere.

However, cloud services are not absolutely secure. If you are careless when selecting a cloud provider, your data will also be very dangerous if the cloud service you choose declares bankruptcy or if its servers do not have strong anti-crime capabilities.

Therefore, cloud services are actually safe, but the prerequisite is that you carefully select cloud providers.

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