How Long Does System Restore Take?

I did a system restore after my computer crashed, but now the system restore process has been running for more than 4 hours! And the recovery has not been completed yet. Is this correct? I need my computer to work, how long does system restore take? 

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Rel· Answered on Mar 07, 2023

Have you spent over 4 hours restoring the system? This is certainly not normal! Generally speaking, if your computer configuration and the hardware are in good condition, the system restore will take about 15-45 mins, rarely more than one hour.

System Restore needs to be run through the backup created on your hard disk. When the memory space of the hard disk where these data are located is insufficient, the oldest restore point will be deleted, resulting in a longer restore time. If your system crashes suddenly during the restore process, restoring the system will also take more time. In addition to the above two points, the reason for extending the system restore time may also be related to the large backup file, and the artificial interruption of the system restore.

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