How Long Does A Full PC Backup Take?

I am going to set aside time to do a full backup for my PC, while working, but I have never done this task before. Can anyone tell me how long a full backup will take? An hour, or longer?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Feb 24, 2023

Actually, there is no a standard answer. The time for doing a full PC backup depends on how much data you need to back up and your storage device's speed. 

A full PC backup means every single file on your computer will be included in the backup, and the total amount of space used on your hard drive is the defining number. Take the drive-to-drive backup method as an example; 1 gigabyte of data will take 3 minutes to backup, which would increase that 100 gigabyte full backup to approximately 5 hours. And you can take it as a reference.

Sometimes, the tool you use to back up your PC will affect the time you take for a full backup. So, if you are going to back up your PC, finding excellent backup software is also much important. After testing many popular ones on the market, EaseUS Todo Backup stands out among them.

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