How Does Steam's Game Backup System Work?

I need to reinstall a new operating system, but I want to keep these game save files. I did the Steam backup files, but they are too large and take more than 10 hours to back up. I copied the backup folder to an external hard drive, and I assumed to copy it to the new computer directly. Then restore the copy to Steam so I can get all the data back. I am wondering if I can do this with Steam's game backup system. 

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Larissa· Answered on Mar 13, 2023

Steam offers a backup and restore function, which allows its users to create an image of the game saves, and protect the game data from being destroyed or lost. You can follow the steps below to back up and restore Steam games:

Note: If you plan to change computers and move the game to another computer, you should prepare an external hard drive and save your backups on it.

Back up Steam games:

  • Connect the external hard drive to your computer. 
  • Launch Steam > click Steam tab > Backup and Restore games.
  • Check "Backup currently installed programs".
  • Locate the game you want to back up.
  • Choose the external hard drive as the backup location.

Restore Steam games:

  • Connect the external hard drive to the new computer.
  • Launch Steam > click Steam tab > Backup and Restore games.
  • Check "Restore a previous backup".
  • Find the backup on the external hard drive.
  • Restore the backup to your new computer.

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