How Do You Restore Files Using Backup and Restore Windows 7 Backup Solution?

I heard that backup and restore Windows 7 is a built-in free backup software that helps back up and restore PC files when needed. But I have never used this feature and have no idea about restoring files with it. So, I want to know how do you restore files using the backup and restore Windows 7 backup solution? Can anyone help me?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Jan 16, 2023

Below is the detailed guide to restore files using Backup and Restore Windows 7:

Step 1. First, access the back up window. You can click Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Backup and Restore to open the window.

Step 2. Find the Restore tab and choose the Restore my files option.

Step 3. Next, you can select the files and folders that you really want to restore. Here are three options: Search, Browse for Files, and Browse for Folders.

Step 4. Then, you need to choose the location to restore the backed up files you want. Once done, hit Restore to start the files restoration.

That's all about how to restore files with Backup and Restore Windows 7. While backup and restore Windows is a nice choice for basic backup and restore needs, it still have some limitations. Espeically when a disaster happens, your will lose all your data files and cannot restore them with Windows Backup and Restore. So, in this case, you'd better to find a powerful and professional backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup.

This backup software supports various forms of backup, including file backup, system backup, disk backup, partition backup, etc. Moreover, it offers a scheduling backup feature that allows you to set an automatic backup plan to backup data on a regular basis. Most importantly, it's extremey easy-to-use and lets you create a backup and recovery with a few simple steps.

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