How Do I Do A Full System Backup in Windows Server Backup

I want to create a full system backup for my Windows Server 2012, how can I do that? Do I need to use Windows Server Backup? How does it work? Any advice will be great!

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Rel· Answered on Sep 19, 2023

Hi there. Windows Server Backup is a utility backup program provided by Microsoft. If you want to do a full system backup for your Windows Server 2012, Windows Server Backup can certainly help.

First, you need to install Windows Server Backup.

Step 1.  Navigate to Server Manager> Add Roles and Features Wizard, and hit the Next option.

Step 2.  Navigate to Role-based> Select a server from the server pool, and hit Next.

Step 3. Choose the Windows Server Backup section and hit Next.

Step 4. Now hit the Install button to start the installation.


After installing WSB, you can now follow the steps below to do a full system backup now.

Step 1.  Navigate to Server Manager> Tools> Windows Server Backup.

Step 2.  Hit the Backup Schedule, and then click Next.

Step 3. Choose Full server and hit Next.

Step 4. Set backup time> destination type> shared folder, then enter your username and password and hit Finish.

Now you can see the window where your backup was successfully created.

In addition to Windows Server Backup, you can also use EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise to create full backups, which is the best alternative to Windows Server Backup.

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In addition to creating automatic backups for specific files or the entire system, EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise can also provide more backup modes and can realize rapid recovery of servers. For backing up Windows Server, using EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise can provide more advanced functional support.

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