How Do I Backup My Games on Windows 10?

I would like to back up my Steam game files and various other game libraries on my Windows 10 system. I know I can manually copy and save them to an external hard drive, but I am wondering if is there anything I can do to make this process a little more automated and user-friendly.

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Larissa· Answered on Mar 10, 2023

Many methods are available to save a copy of your games on Windows. The first and most important step is to find and locate the game save files. Almost all the game data on Windows 10 are stored by default under the following path: 

  • C:\Users\NAME\Saved Games\GAME
  • C:\Users\NAME\Documents\GAME
  • C:\Users\NAME\Documents\My Games\GAME
  • C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\GAME
  • C:\Program Files\GAME
  • C:\ProgramData\GAME
  • C:\Program FIles\Steam\USER\GAME

After finding the specific game file location, you can perform the game's backup in the following ways:

Backup game saves with file backup software, EaseUS Todo Backup, which is also the easiest way. It supports various types of backup, including scheduled, compressed, full, incremental, and differential backup. Compatible with Windows 10, you can use it to save the game files to any place you want, like hard drives, NAS, cloud service, or security zone. It only requires three simple steps to back up games on Windows 10. 

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  • Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, and click "Create a backup".
  • Click "File" as the backup source, and choose the game files.
  • Select a backup location, and click "Backup now" to start the process.

If you don't want to download software, you can copy and paste the game files to an external hard drive as a backup. But by using this way, you need to manually operate each time, and game data tend to lose during the process and take up too much space. 

OneDrive is also an option if you need to save the game data to a Cloud storage service. You can put your game data on Windows 10 into the OneDrive folder, and it will sync the game data to the cloud. But there are some cases when the OneDrive sync feature is not working, resulting in data loss.

All three ways can help o back up your game saves on Windows 10 computer, but we highly recommend EaseUS Todo Backup, which will automatically save game data without losing anything.

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