How Do I Backup My Game Files on PC?

I am going to install Steam on my new computer. I know I can enable Steam cloud to sync the game data automatically, but I want to back up all my saved files just in case. Where are they located, and what should I back up? Anything else I need to do before I remove Steam from this pc?

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Larissa· Answered on Mar 10, 2023

You need to find the game files' location before backing up. The common locations of Steam games are always located by default:

  • On Windows: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata
  • On Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/userdata

Steam will automatically sync the game data to its cloud storage, but you'd better save game data to another place just in case. How to do it easily and quickly?

Whether you are using a Windows or macOS computer, using backup software is the most straightforward method. EaseUS provides both EaseUS Todo Backup for Windows and EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac to create a backup of your PC games. 

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Both tools only require simple clicks to finish the PC game program files and data backup.

To make sure you have a successful game files backup before uninstalling Steam from your old PC:

  • Use EaseUS Todo Backup to back up the game files. 
  • Make sure all of your saved games are stored in the Steam cloud.
  • Uninstall Steam from the old PC.

Now, your game files and data are safe. You can install Steam on your new PC and restore the saved game files from the backup you created to continue playing your games. 

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