How Can I Backup Games That Don't Have Cloud Saving?

Hello, I plan to reinstall my system, but this will cause me to lose all game data. I know that most games support the Steam Cloud function, but there are several games that I have spent a lot of time have no cloud storage. Is there any way to keep me from losing my original game progress? Any suggestion is precious to me!

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Rel· Answered on Mar 30, 2023

If you want to back up games that do not have cloud saving, first, you need to find the location of these game saves.

Unlike running files, the game save files contain your game progress data. Save files cannot be navigated directly through Steam, and the saves of different games are also located in different locations. Therefore, you need first to query the online save location of the game you want to back up, open the File Explorer, find the game saves, and start the next backup work.

You can manually backup these save files to a USB or other external hard drive. After reinstalling the system and game, you need to replace the existing files with the original backup files to restore your game progress. However, I recommend that you download professional backup software such as EaseUS Todo Backup Home as your backup assistant.

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As you said, some of your favorite games do not support Steam Cloud, which also means that you need to regularly back up their saves to ensure data security. But frequent manual backups are difficult for most people to do.

EaseUS Todo Backup can create automatic backup tasks for you, and with the incremental backup function, it can create the latest save copy for you in a timely manner after your game progress changes. It is worth mentioning that EaseUS provides users with 250GB of free cloud space. You can save all game backups in the cloud. Whether you reinstall the system or replace a computer, you can recover all data immediately.

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