Does Windows 11 Automatically Backup to the Cloud?

I am currently using a Windows 11 PC and am looking for a reliable way to automatically back up my files. Since I am a careless person and often forget to back up my important data, software or a tool that provides an automatic backup feature can help me a lot. But does Windows 11 automatically backup files to the Cloud for me?

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Can Windows 11 automatically back up to the cloud? The answer is yes

Thanks to OneDrive, the cloud backup solution built into Windows 11, it offers features that help you automatically back up your files. Each Windows 11 computer is configured with some standard folders named Desktop, Downloads, Document, and so on. You can save the files you want to back up in these folders and use OneDrive to create an automatic backup schedule.

This is done as follows:

Step 1. Open OneDrive Settings by clicking the OneDrive Help and Settings icon.

Step 2. Navigate to Sync and back up> Manage Back up.

Step 3. Select the folder you want to backup, and hit the Start backup button.

The folder will then be synchronized with OneDrive for automatic backup purposes.

However, OneDrive also has many limitations. Although Microsoft offers users 5GB of free storage space when they sign up, you'll still need to pay for more OneDrive space later as your data grows.

Meanwhile, OneDrive it's essentially just a cloud service that doesn't cater to more than backup needs. It can only back up simple media files, documents, or data, and does not offer more advanced backup options such as backup systems, disks, etc. EaseUS Todo Backup Home is a better choice for professional backups.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home is a professional tool that also has automatic backup features and can take care of all your personal backup tasks. Whether you want to back up important files, disks, or your entire system, EaseUS can be of great use.

What will help you the most is that you can create backup plans using the incremental backup mode. In this mode, whenever there is a data update or change in your source folder, EaseUS will automatically update the contents of the copy for you to prevent any data disaster from occurring.

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