Does Windows 10 Do a Full Backup?

I want to create a full backup of my Windows 10 computer. But I am not sure if Windows 10 has a built-in feature to perform a full backup. I would appreciate it if you can give me an exact answer and how to do it. If not, do you know how can I create a full backup for my Windows 10 computer?

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Larissa· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

You can use the Windows 10 built-in feature, Backup and Restore, to create a system image, which is another name for the "full backup". A system image will copy all data on your computer, including the operating system, applications, hard drives, installations, files, and other data. A system image(or full backup) is the best recovery tool to prevent data loss due to computer crashes, computer virus attacks, hard drives failing, etc.

Using Backup and Restore to create a full backup of your WIdnows 10 is easy:

  • Open Backup and Restore with the path: Control Panel - System and Security - Backup and Restore(Windows 7).
  • Click "Create a system image" on the left column.
  • Select a location where you want to save the system image, and click Next. (It is recommended to use an external hard drive as the target disk.)
  • Choose the hard drive that you need to create a full backup, then click Next.
  • Check and confirm the backup settings, and click the "Start backup" button to start the Windows 10 full backup process.

Apart from the Backup and Restore, there are still many other third-party alternative tools, like EaseUS Todo Backup, which can also be used to create a full backup of your Windows 10 computer. With multiple features, EaseUS Todo Backup supports backing up files, folders, hard disks, and partitions, and creating a system image. 

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If you lose some files by accident, a system image will recover all data from scratch, which is very time-consuming. If you use EaseUS Todo Backup, it allows you to choose to recover a certain file or disk when needed. 

EaseUS Todo Backup provides multiple storage locations, including internal & external hard drives, NAS, cloud services, security zone, etc., to keep the safety of your Windows 10 data. 

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