Does windows 10 Backup Back Up Everything?

I heard there is a built-in backup solution called Windows 10 backup. Does Windows 10 Backup backup everything? Can I use it to create all backups on my computer? Can anyone answer my question?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Feb 24, 2023

Sadly, the answer is NO. Windows 10 Backup does not back up everything on your PC. But if needed, you can use a powerful backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup Home to make the task done.

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Windows 10 backup offers two backup options: File History and Backup and Restore (Windows 7). The Windows 10 backup solution can only meet basic backup needs, including files, documents, music, videos, pictures, desktop, etc. 

As for creating backups of the files in Recycle Bin, Windows System folders, and files stored on hard drives formatted with the FAT file system, Windows 10 Backup will fail. 

So, if you are going to back up everything on your PC, you'd better choose a professional backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup Home, as we mentioned before.

This program supports making system backups, disk backups, partition backups, file backups, etc., and enables you to save all the backups to local drives, external hard drives, NAS, network, and even cloud storage. In addition, it offers many advanced backup options, such as incremental and differential backup, scheduled backup, encrypted backup, set backup frequency, and more. To conclude, EaseUS Todo Backup Home is an ideal tool for creating a backup on Windows PC!

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