Does File History Do Incremental Backups?

I am trying to use File History on my Windows 10 to create copies of my videos and photos. But it will copy all the files each time. Is it possible to use File History to do the incremental backup? I don't have enough space on the hard drive. If yes, how can I do that? If not, what software would you recommend for an incremental backup for my videos?

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Larissa· Answered on Nov 17, 2023

The answer is No.

File History doesn't support an incremental backup feature; you can only set a scheduled backup.

You need to make use of third-party backup software if you want to do an incremental backup. EaseUS Todo Backup is an excellent backup and disaster recovery tool for this purpose. It does incremental backups to save time, space, and resources.

Moreover, it has advanced features such as disk cloning and system restoration that ensure a secure backup of all your data.

An incremental backup will back up only the modified files since the last backup. It allows you to save time and disk space, as it does not keep backing up unchanged data repeatedly. Performing an incremental backup has the following benefits:

  • Reduce backup times significantly
  • Save disk space and resources
  • Allows the user to restore only the changed files since a specific point in time
  • Provide data consistency during ongoing backup operations

In summary, File History does not offer an incremental backup feature, so you need to use third-party software like EaseUS Todo Backup to make incremental backups. With its advanced features, this powerful yet easy-to-use tool makes the backup and disaster recovery process easier.

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