Do I Need to Make an Image or a Clone of My Disk Drive?

Hello everyone! I don't know so much about computers, but I'd like to copy all the contents of my disk, including files, drivers, settings, etc., and then reset Windows. Now my question is, should I take disk cloning or disk imaging? Which one is better for me?

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Rel· Answered on May 19, 2023

Disk clones and disk images are actually the same in essence, they are both complete copies of the source disk, containing the files, drivers, settings, etc., that you want to copy.

✔️Disk cloning is the process of cloning all partitions from the source disk and the data saved in them to another disk. If your source disk is the system disk, then the files necessary for the system boot and the boot partition will be copied together in the cloning process.

The cloned disk can be used directly. In case of problems with the source disk, you can simply replace it with the cloned disk and continue working.

✔️A disk image, on the other hand, copies everything, but it creates a large compressed file. If you want the image to be functional, you must first save the compressed file on the hard drive and use a special tool to recover it. And because it is actually a file, you can store it on a USB, cloud, or external hard drive.

You can choose the appropriate method of copying data depending on the current situation. Personally, I would recommend you use disk cloning, as it will run and recover your data quickly.

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