Do I Need to Backup Games that Have Steam Cloud? 

Hi guys! I want to reset my Windows PC and prepare to back up my Steam game saves in order not to lose my game progress. The problem I face now is, do I need to back up games that have Steam Cloud? My hard drive cannot store too much game data.

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Rel· Answered on Nov 17, 2023

Hi there! According to your situation, I think you do need to back up the game data that have the Steam Cloud function.

Steam Cloud is the Steam cloud storage service for most games, which supports users uploading game data to Steam's dedicated server for synchronization. Essentially, Steam Cloud is not a backup tool, and it aims to help Steam users achieve better data transfer across devices. 

After using the Steam Cloud feature, users can successfully synchronize their game progress from the cloud by logging in to their account on another computer. Therefore, Steam Cloud is also used by many users as a means of backing up game data due to its functional characteristics.

Since Steam Cloud can help users back up game saves, why do I still recommend backing up games that support Steam Cloud? The answer is very simple. Steam Cloud has many problems, making it difficult to trust. 

Due to the inadequate optimization of Steam Cloud, users may encounter many issues when using this feature, resulting in game saves not being synchronized from the cloud and not being retrieved in local folders.

So, I suggest you use another backup software, such as EaseUS Todo Backup Home, to back up your important game data. 

It’s one of the best PC game saves backup tools now, and can protect your game data in multiple effective ways. You don't need to back up all game files. Just backup game saves and some config files. 

These files are small in size, and you can save them in the 250GB cloud space provided by EaseUS and quickly restore them to their original location after resetting your computer.

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