Creating and Using a USB Recovery Drive for Surface

I bought a Surface Pro 8, which has a very good experience of use, and the system runs smoothly. However, to avoid any problems in the future, I want to create a recovery drive first. What should I do specifically? And how to use it, by the way?

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Creating a recovery drive in advance is a very wise choice. At important moments, it can help you solve system problems quickly.

The guide to creating a recovery drive is simple:

Step 1. Connect the USB you prepared to Surface.

Step 2. Type "Recovery Drive" on the Windows search box and open the Create a recovery Drive app.

Step 3. In the pop-up tool window, confirm the Back up system files to the recovery drive selection is checked. Then click Next.

Step 4. Choose the USB and hit Next. Now you can hit the Create option and wait for the creating process to end.

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Here's how to use the USB recovery drive on Surface: 

Step 1. Turn off your Surface and connect it to power supplies.

Step 2. Insert the USB into your PC. Long-press the volume-down button when pressing and releasing the Surface power button.

Step 3. Release the volume button while the logo appears.

Step 4. Follow the prompts to make personal settings. Then choose Recover from a drive> Recover from a drive.

Step 5. Hit Just remove my files/Fully clean the drive> Recover.


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