How Do I Clone Windows to New SSD and Set the Old Hard Drive as Backup Storage?

I have an old hard drive and recently acquired a new SSD with 500GB capacity. I now want to clone Windows to the SSD and format the HDD to use it as backup storage. Is this possible? How exactly should I do this?

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Of course, your goal is achievable, but you can't do it with the built-in features of Windows. You need to use the power of professional tools such as EaseUS Disk Copy.

EaseUS Disk Copy is extremely user-friendly cloning software for beginners and professionals and is compatible with all common Windows systems. It can play an outstanding role in cloning Windows systems, cloning disks, cloning partitions, etc.

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In addition to the basic cloning functions, EaseUS Disk Copy supports many advanced features, it helps users migrate systems, create WinPE bootable disks, clone hard disks with bad sectors, and more.

Click the button to install this software for free and follow the steps below to clone Windows to a new SSD with EaseUS Disk Copy now.

Run EaseUS Disk Copy, head to the Disk Mode and choose the old hard drive as the source disk.

Step 1. Choose the new SSD as the destination disk.

Step 2. According to the prompts, check or manage the disk layout.

Step 3. Start the cloning process by hitting the Proceed button.

Step 4. After the process ends, restart the PC.

Step 5. Enter the BIOS, and choose the new SSD as the boot drive.

Step 6. Now save and exit. The last thing you should do is format the old HDD.

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