Can You Recover Data from a Broken USB?

Hello! I don't know why, and my USB seems broken, but it contains files that are important to me. Is there any way to recover the data in it? I would appreciate any suggestions!

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Rel· Answered on Feb 22, 2023

Sure, you can recover data from a broken USB. But the first thing you have to do is determine whether it is physically broken or your USB cannot show up or shows missing/not Initialized/unreadable in Disk Management.

If your USB is physically broken, whether the metal connector is crushed or the chip is damaged, you cannot directly recover the data. You need to go to a special equipment repair shop to figure it out or send the USB to the manufacturer to provide you with repair services.

If your USB can not show up or shows missing/not Initialized/unreadable in Disk Management, this shows that your USB itself has no problem. It is because of a file system failure or unformatted problem that you cannot get the file you stored in USB. But don’t worry. In this situation, you can just find professional data recovery software to help you access your files again.

However, to avoid the situation that your important files cannot be read due to a broken USB again, you should always keep the habit of making a scheduled backup plan for your data, and EaseUS Todo Backup will be your good helper.

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