Can I Use My Synology NAS As a Cloud Storage?

Hello! I read an AD about Synology NAS, and now I have some questions. Is Synology NAS the same function as Cloud? Can I use my Synology NAS as a Cloud storage? Any advice will be great! Thanks!

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Rel· Answered on Jan 18, 2023

Hi! In my opinion, Synology NAS and Cloud Storage are not the same, although you can save data in both, they are very different in nature. 

The Network-attached storage (NAS) is literally a device connected to the network with a data storage function and can provide space for the entire local network. It is a real hardware device in the user's life. The cloud storage is rented from the supplier, which is virtual for users and has limited space.

If your original intention is to maintain your data security and use NAS for data backup, you can't think of NAS as cloud storage. The difference between NAS and Cloud is the on-site backup and off-site backup. NAS can be directly connected to your device, which means that it will be faster to use NAS to back up data. But because NAS is a device, you may encounter theft, natural disasters, hardware failures, and other problems, resulting in your backup being unsafe. Cloud storage is relatively safe and reliable.

If you want to obtain the backup speed of NAS and the security of cloud storage simultaneously, you can try to use EaseUS Todo Backup. This is a professional automatic backup software that can support you to quickly complete the backup and recovery of the system, disk, APP data, and files. It provides 250GB of free cloud space, which can support you to save data copies in its free cloud space, thus greatly improving data security.

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