Can I Install Two Operating Systems in a C Drive?

My Windows 10 is installed on my C drive. Can I install another fresh copy of Windows 11 or Windows 7 on the same C drive? If so, what can I use to help me install two operating systems in one drive?

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Jerry· Answered on May 17, 2023

Yes, you can install 2 operating systems in a C drive or on the same hard drive.

This is called dual booting. In this case, you can install 2 operating systems using a different partition on a hard drive.

You can install more than 2 operating systems on the same hard drive or SSD. Additionally, if you install a different version of Windows, it probably has its own C drive.

Before installing operating systems on your computer, you need to make some preparations:

  • Download another Windows ISO file from Microsoft's official site.
  • Using a reliable backup tool to back up your data on your computer.
  • Using Disk Management Tool to make a new partition on your C drive.
  • Using a USB with enough capacity to create a bootable USB.

To make bootable USB drives, you can use a professional bootable USB tool - EaseUS OS2Go, to help you.

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You can install 2 operating systems on a C drive, and EaseUS OS2Go can help you a lot in this process.

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