Best Way to Backup and Wipe 2020 M1 Mac?

Hello everyone. I am ready to reset my MacBook M1 and back up my computer before wiping it. I have some important files and applications that I don't want to lose. I plan to use a manual method to copy the required data to an external HDD. I wonder if you have any faster methods? thank you!

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Rel· Answered on Oct 18, 2023

You can use the built-in Time Machine on your Mac to back up your 2020 M1 Mac. It helps you back up data from your Mac to an external hard drive and automatically backs up data according to settings every hour, every day, and every week.

The following is a method for backing up a Mac using Time Machine:

Step 1. Open the Time Machine app on the 2020 M1 Mac

Step 2. Connect your external HDD to the Mac and choose the disk that stores the data you want to backup.

Step 3. Then the Time Machine will start the backup process. 

Time Machine is an excellent backup tool, but does Time Machine back up everything? The answer is no. Time Machine can help you back up general files such as photos, videos, and documents, but it cannot back up system files, cache files, iCloud content, or applications you want to back up. But don't worry. You can use the more powerful backup tool EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac to solve this problem.

EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac can back up general files, disks, systems, and even your personal App data. It not only meets all your backup needs but also automates the backup tasks you create at an extremely fast pace.

EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac is a better option when Time Machine cannot help you solve all backup issues.

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