Backup Save Games before Computer Reset?

My PC needs to be reset, it's running too slow right now. But this will cause me to lose all my game data, and I don't want to lose the game progress that I spent a lot of time-saving. Can I use Steam Cloud to back up my game data? Or do I have to use other methods?

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Rel· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

Hello! In theory, Steam Cloud can help you back up your game progress to the cloud.

Steam Cloud is a cloud sync feature provided by Steam for some games. Every time you run a game and update your game progress, Steam will automatically sync your game data to their servers as long as this game supports and enables the Steam Cloud feature.

After your PC finishes resetting, you just need to download Steam and the games again, and your previous game progress will be synced from the cloud to your PC. But you need to pay attention to two points:

  • Not all games are supported by Steam Cloud
  • Steam Cloud currently has many unknown bugs. It is possible that you may lose all your game progress or not be able to load the game properly. Many users have also reported these problems in Steamcommunity.

So if the game's saves are extremely important to you, even if it supports the Steam Cloud feature, I recommend that you make an additional backup of the game files. Unfortunately, Steam does not currently have a single location for saving games, so you will need to find the file location for each game and then back it up either manually or using a backup tool.

A good backup tool, such as EaseUS Todo Backup, can greatly reduce the time it takes to back up and can provide additional features to automatically back up or update game data for you on a recurring basis. If you have daily backup needs, then using professional backup software can better help you maintain data security.

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