Are Your Files Secure in the Cloud?

Why do people trust services like Dropbox and Google Drive when I've heard that cloud storage is not as private as it may seem and that the staff can listen in on your account activity? Are files secure in the Cloud?

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Jerry· Answered on Nov 17, 2023

Generally speaking, yes. Your files are secure in the Cloud.

Major cloud storage services are extremely secure. Your files are often safer with a reputable storage company on the cloud than on your laptop or an external drive.

Nonetheless, there are still some who are hesitant to store their files in the cloud. These concerns make sense. This is because Cloud service providers can access your data if they want, and Cloud storage space is limited. So you have to pay for more storage space.

Furthermore, according to the 3-2-1 backup rule, you should keep a copy of your data on different storage devices. It is not enough if you only store your files in the Cloud.

I would advise storing your data on an external drive or USB flash drive if it is particularly crucial (personal documents, for example).

If you want to keep your data on an external drive, it would be best to use a professional backup program, such as EaseUS Todo Backup. Professional backup software can offer you more advanced backup options.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a practical, all-in-one backup and recovery tool to protect your data. It can automatically back up your files, disks, systems, and partitions and save the backups in different locations, such as the local drives, Security Zone, NAS, and Cloud. It can also help back up your files to Cloud.

In addition, it lets you perform diverse backup modes, including full, incremental, and differential backups. Most importantly, it lets you enjoy 250G free cloud storage.

Your files are secure in the Cloud, but it would be best to try various ways to protect your data.

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