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How to migrate data and programs from Windows 7 to Windows 8

Updated on Apr 19, 2019 by Daisy to PC Transfer

How to migrate data, settings, programs from Windows 7 to Windows 8/10? Free PC migration software - EaseUS Todo PCTrans can easily migrate data and programs from Windows 7 to Windows 8/8.1/10.

I have a 4 years old Laptop running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. I bought a new laptop running Windows 8 64 bit Ultimate. I want to migrate files and programs from the Windows 7 machine to the Windows 8 machine. Is there any program can do it?

The answer is Yes. When you purchase a new computer, one of the most daunting tasks is figuring out how to transfer the data and programs from your old computer to your new one. EaseUS comes with a PC transfer software called EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro that makes this process a lot easier. You can use a network to transfer the files and programs. The following tutorial will guide you how to migrate files and programs from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

As a reliable application and data migration software, EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro can easily migrate data (Including music, documents, videos, photos, etc.) and applications along with their settings from Windows XP to Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10, from Windows 7 to Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or from Windows 8 to the Windows 8/8.1/10.

Transfer data and programs from Windows 7 to Windows 8 with Todo PCTrans Pro


For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

The video tutorial of transferring data and programs from Windows 7 to Windows 8


Step 1: Download and launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both of your computers.

Step 2: Select the transfer mode

  • PC to PC - This mode helps to transfer files, applications between PCs with different operating systems via network LAN
  • Image Transfer - This mode helps to create the image of files, applications, and transfer between PCs with different OS without internet/LAN
  • App Migration - This mode helps to transfer installed programs and software from C drive to other drive or external storage device without reinstallation.
transfer files from pc to pc via network

Step 3: Transfer files between two different operation systems

To transfer files from PC to PC (via Internet)

Tip: This is the most recommended way to transfer data from one operating system to another on two computers. Also, make sure that the computers reside on the same LAN.

1. Click the "PC to PC" button to move on and click "Continue". Connect two computers on the same LAN via the IP address.

transfer files between different operating system

2. Select the files or data that you want to transfer. Click the edit icon to browse a new location on the target PC to save transferred files.

transfer files between different operating system

3. Click "Transfer" to transfer files between two different operating systems.

click transfer

Transfer files from PC to PC without network (via Image Transfer)

Tip: For computers not on the same LAN, or, for a dual-boot system, you can only pick up this method.

1. Select "Image Transfer" and click "Start".

transfer files via image

2. Click "Create", select the destination to store the image. Usually, USB or external hard drive is more preferable.

transfer files via image

3. Choose the folders, programs to create the image.

transfer files via image

4. Connect the device with created image to the target computer and run EaseUS Todo PCTrans on it, choose "Recover" and select the files to transfer.

transfer files via image

Repartition hard drive to solve destination partition low disk space problem on Windows 8

If there are many data and programs you want to transfer from Windows 7 computer to Windows 8 computer, please make sure there is enough disk space on destination partition of Windows 8 computer. If the destination partition is low disk space on Windows 8 computer, please feel free to download EaseUS Partition Master Free to resize your partitions to increase disk space on destination partition.

EaseUS Partition Master Free

Back up your files and system state on Windows 8 in case of data loss and system crash

No Windows operating system is stable enough. 60% of computer users have experienced some kinds of hard drive failure, system crash or virus attack. So it is very important to back up system state and personal data.

EaseUS also provides free backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup Free to back up your files, system state, hard disk, partitions, outlook emails with comprehensive full/incremental/differential/schedule backup types to protect your computer and data and enables you to easily restore data and system to the original state when disaster happens.

Free backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup Free