How to Move a PC Game to Another Hard Drive Without Re-downloading

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My big brother is a crazy fan of Windows PC games, and I see him investing a lot on purchasing the best configured computer hardware and hard drive. Lately, he bought another new SSD, planning to move Steam games to SSD. As all preparation made ready, he got stuck in the first step of how to move a PC game to another hard drive. If you're a game player and have the same demand of changing a game installation location, you'll be greatly interested in the easist way we provided here. 

#1. EaseUS Todo PCTrans - third-party PC game mover (the easy way)
#2. Manual Method - cut and paste the installation file without software

In our point of view, there are mainly four reasons why people need to place game applications to the other hard drive or computer:

  • C drive is out of space
  • Upgrade a small hard drive to a large one
  • Replace HDD with SSD for faster gaming experience
  • The old computer gets slow so changes to a new computer

#1. EaseUS Todo PCTrans - third party PC game mover (the easy way)

In whichever cases you might start the way of moving the game installation to a new hard drive, you don't like to spend hours redownloading the games and reinstalling them all over again. EaseUS Todo PCTrans is the expert in the field of data transfer, application transfer and PC to PC transfer! It'll perfectly solve your problem of not knowing where to find the game setup files or how to determine you find all the essential installation & configuration files. 

Can EaseUS Todo PCTrans move PC games to elsewhere? Yes, it can, thanks to the three transfer modes - PC to PC; Image Transfer; App Migration. These three modes would be able to handle the cases while migrating the game to another computer/laptop or drive.

How to Move PC Game(s) Between Hard Drives

Since the hard drives are not seperated on different computers, you cannot directly start the game transfer over the internet. Don't worry, as long as you connect the new hard drive correctly on the same computer where the original hard drive is installed, you can move a single of multiple games at one time from the source drive to the destination drive like a charm.

Step 1. Connect the destination drive to your computer

Where do you want to place the games from their original location? Use the correct way to connect the drive to your computer, where EaseUS Todo PCTrans is installed. Run the games transfer software, choose "App Migration" and then click "Start".

choose app migration to change the game location

Step 2. Choose the games you want to change the location

On the left bar, choose the original drive where your game programs are installed, locate the games and tick the checkboxes. Click "Browse" to choose the target drive as the file path. After all the selection, click "Transfer".

choose the destination location

Step 3. Transfer the games to the destination drive

The software will work on moving the selected games from the original location to your customized location. Wait for the process to finish.

click transfer to change the game location

#2. Manual Method - cut and paste the installation file without software

Though the manual cut and paste method is also demonstrated in full steps, it does not ensure 100% success of valid game migration. What makes it difficult to manually copy or cut a game from one hard drive to another include:

  1. 1. The copy or cut method only works for a few programs, nowadays called portable programs. While for other installed programs, your simple copy misses registry settings, Dlls in Windows directories, etc., lack of which you cannot open the moved programs.
  2. 2. For games, since there are too many types, it's not clear whether it'll function or open after moving to a different location.

Glad that we know a one-size-fits-all strategy for migration of most games on Steam, Origin and Uplay. Take Steam games as an example:

Step 1. copy and paste the game

  • Create a folder in the new location where you'll keep the games. On Steam, you can head to Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders and click "Add Library Folder".
  • Now navigate to the new Steam library folder and create a new folder within it called steamapps. Next, create a folder in steamapps called common. (Steam automatically looks for subdirectories steamapps/common to save games)
  • Head to your current folder and find the folder for the game you want to move in steamapps/common. Copy the game's folder to the new steamapps/common folder in the new hard drive.

move pc games to another hard drive manual method

Step 2. Uninstall the game

Navigate to your Steam library, right-click on the game and click "Delete Local Content". This will uninstall the game from its original location.

Step 3. Play the game on the new hard drive

Click the Install button to reinstall the game. In the "Choose location" dropdown, choose the Steam folder on your new hard drive. Once done, you could be able to paly the game as usual on the new hard drive.

People Also Ask 

1. How do I move games from C drive to D drive?

The easiest way to move games from C drive to D drive is with the help of EaseUS Todo PCtrans, use its App Migration transfer mode. 

  • Click App Migration
  • Choose the game or games you want to transfer on the C drive
  • Browse D drive as the destination drive
  • Click Transfer to start

2. How do I transfer my Origin games to another computer?

As long as both computers are located on the same LAN, you can directly transfer Origin games between computers or laptops by using the PC to PC transfer mode. It's kind of one-click transfer from one computer to another, without requiring a USB drive to copy and paste.

3. How do I move games to my SSD?

Has the SSD correctly connected or installed on your computer? If it's on the same computer to transfer games, simply use the App Migration feature of EaseUS Todo PCTrans, while if it's on two computers, the PC to PC transfer mode will make the game migration easy and fast.

4. Can I combine C drive and D drive for games?

Due to insufficient C drive free space, some people have to move their huge games to the other drives, to leave space for the system drive. However, to change the game's location is one way to solve the low disk space problem on the C drive, there is the other way out without changing the game's location necessarily. You can use EaseUS Partition Master to merge C drive and D drive together, to increase the C drive space and leave room for more games.

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