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How to Find Windows 10 Product Key

Roxanne updated on Sep 27, 2020 to PC Transfer | How-to Articles

"Before I install, I'd like to know how to find my product key for Windows 10. Can anyone help?"

Finding your Windows 10 product key may appear like a big issue while you clone Windows 10 to another computer or install your Windows 10 on a new computer. Here we prepare five methods, targeting to teach you how to find Windows 10 product key.

How to Find the Product Key for Windows 10 via EaseUS Todo PCTrans (Simplest)

The first method we recommend is to use the new feature of EaseUS Todo PCTrans - Product Key. The new function is designed to extract the Windows 10 product key. You can download the PC transfer software to save Windows, Adobe, and Office's product keys. 


For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Step 1. Launch and Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans on the PC, and choose "Product Key".

product key 1

Step 2. Click "Scan", and you can see the product key of Windows, Adobe, and Office. Save the key to the selected location or choose "Copy" for direct use.

product key 2

Sometimes, not only do you need to look at the Windows key, you may need to find the key of Office while you are transferring Microsoft Office to new computer.

Speaking of how to find product key for Windows 10, the CMD and Registry also valid. But CMD has a limit on the license type, and Registry has cumbersome steps. If you want to use the most straightforward way, EaseUS Todo PCTrans pro version is your first chance. 


For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

How to Find your Product Key in Windows 10 via CMD

If you want to view the Windows 10 product key, CMD is a useful way to get Windows 10 product key. But the command line is only available for OEM license. You need to figure out what types of license use before moving to the CMD method.

Here is the tip about Windows license type:

Retail Key: You will receive this key when you purchase a Windows 10 license from a Microsoft Store or retail Store.
OEM Key: OEM or computer manufacturer reached an agreement with Microsoft. There is an activated copy of Windows on the computer they sell.
Volume licensing (MAK/KMS): Enterprise purchases Windows license in bulk under the Volume Licensing Program. There are two types of keys under this scheme - MAK and KMS.

How to Identify the Windows License through CMD

Step 1. Search CMD on the start menu, and open it.

Step 2. Type "slmgr/dli" and press Enter. Then you can see the license type.

product key type

Now let's move to the detailed guide of finding Windows 10 product key:

Step 1. Open CMD and right-click it to run as administrator.

Step 2. Once open it, copy and paste the following command line and then press Enter. The product key will appear.

"wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey"

product key in command prompt

Find Your Windows 10 Product Key Using the Windows Registry

Step 1. Right-click anywhere on the desktop, choose "New" and then select  "Text Document."

Step 2. Copy and paste the code below into Notepad.

Click to copy

Step 3. Click "File" and choose "Save As". Set the file name as "productkey.vbs"

product key registry 1

Click "Save", then you can see the icon on your desktop.

product key registry 2

Open it, and you will get your Windows 10 product key.

product key registry 3

Other Two Methods to Find Windows 10 Product Key

Except for those three ones on the former part, here are some advice to view Windows 10 product key. 

Find Window Product Key on Microsoft Store

If you buy a Windows 10 license from Microsoft Store, your copy of key stores on the Microsoft account. Follow the steps:

  • Log in to the Microsoft Store > Downloads > Product Keys > Subscription > Digital Content

Microsoft also sends you the product key in the confirmation email. You can check your mailbox. If you already delete it, check your junk mail folder or try another way.

find the product key in microsoft store

View Windows 10 Key on the Package (OEM)

If you bought a PC from the authorized retailer, your Windows 10 product key is usually affixed to the outside of the box. The sticker may worn out if you don't check it for a long time.

microsoft package product key

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