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Windows Server Manager Windows 10

Updated on Dec 19, 2018 by Tracy King to Partition Master

Cost-effective Windows server manager Windows 10 for full control of Windows server 2016/2012R/2008/2003/10/8/7/Vista/XP: resize partitions, copy partitions, upgrade system disk, GPT to MBR convert, command line, repair RAID-5 volume, create WinPE rescue disk, etc.

What can you do with Windows server management tool for Windows 10?

It can't be more exciting for small businesses to own a cost-effective Windows server manager Windows 10 to have full control of Windows 10 computers. After getting to know what a powerful Windows server management tool can do for you, you'll be surprised and hurry to purchase one.

Windows server management for Windows 10 computers can be displayed as follows:

  • Partition manager

It is the most widely used feature in Windows server management. You might have a problem of partition c drive is out of space or formatting a hard drive with Disk Management, then you need to resize server partition by extending it while shrinking the other with ample space. What's more, move, create, delete, merge and format your server partitions and even transfer Windows 10 to HDD/SSD.

  • Disk & partition copy wizard

A good way adopted by businesses to backup critical data on the Windows server. Easily upgrade hard drive to backup data, and no Windows system reinstallation is required; while the file-by-file copy of server partition protects data before any operation.

  • partition recovery wizard

Partition recovery wizard completely protects partition, allowing you to recover deleted, formatted or lost partition from Windows server, hardware or software failure.

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 Server 2016 is supported

Get Windows server manager Windows 10 for help

EaseUS Windows server partition manager is an ideal hard drive and partition management solution that fully meets your demands on Windows server manager Windows 10. It's not an easy task for a Windows server 2016/2012R/2008/2003 user to change the volume size or do some system converting jobs because it might destroy essential data during the process. That's how EaseUS Partition Master Server exceeds its competitors. It's more like a wizard-like server management tool that provides the easiest way for users to handle their Windows server.

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