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Tutorial: Update and Install Windows Server 2016/2019

Updated on Dec 19, 2018 by Tracy King to Partition Master

Are you looking for a secure way to upgrade your Windows Server into latest version - Windows Server 2016/2019? This tutorial article will offer you secure and safe guidance to help you update and install Windows Server 2016/2019 without losing any data.
Part 1. Prepare for Windows Server 2016/2019 update
Part 2. Detail steps to update and install Windows Server 2016/2019

Windows Server 2016/2019 are now available for ordinary users to free download and install, but a lot of Server users haven’t upgraded to the latest version yet. To keep the system stability and protect data security, some Server users are reluctant to update their Server systems. 

Here in this article, we’ll offer you a secure guide and help you to update and install Windows Server 2016/2019 on your PC without losing any data or obstacles. 

Relax and follow these two parts to see how to update to the latest Windows Server now securely.

Part 1. Prepare for Windows Server 2016/2019 update

Before updating and installing Windows Server 2016 or 2019, some preparation jobs must complete in advance. You may follow below list to get everything ready.

1. Create backups for present Server system and important hard drive partition data.

To avoid any unexpected system error or Windows Server hard drive partition data loss issue, it’s highly necessary to create backups for important Server data and system in advance.

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server supports your to free backup Server system, important hard drive partition, and data with simple clicks. You may give it a shot now that it’s 100% free within 30 days with its 30-day trial feature. 

2. Choose an appropriate edition of Windows Server 2016 or 2019 for your present system.
3. Make a plan: think of your currtent needs and future needs; how many virtual machines you need and how many in the future; does your network need Web server? How many users work in your network?
All these need you to pay attention while trying to install a new Windows Server.
4. Extend or create enough space for system partition with a minimum of 32GB and 2GB for Server with Desktop Experience installation option.
Easy to use partition manager software for Windows Server - EaseUS Partition Master Server shall help fix this problem.

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 Server 2016 is supported


Step 1: Run EaseUS Partition Master

Run Server partition manager

Step 2: Resize Server Partition

1. To shrink a Server partition:

  • Right-click a partition which you want to shrink and select "Resize/Move".
Resize partition size to free up space
  • Drag the partition handle leftward to shink partition and click "OK" to continue.
Extend Server Partition

2. To extend a Server partition

Repeat 1 to free up unllocated space on the Windows Server disk, and continue with tips below to extend a Server partition.

  • Right-click partition next to the unallocated space, select "Resize/Move".
  • Drag the partition rightward or leftward to move unallocated space next to the target partition.
  • Click "OK".
  • Right-click on the target Server partition, select "Resize/Move" and drag the partition into the unallocated space.
  • Click "OK" to continue.
Extend Server Partition

Step 3: Apply and keep all changes

Click the "Execute Operation" button and click "Apply" to keep all changes.

After doing all these preparation jobs, you can now continue to perform a clean install of Windows Server 2016/2019 on your PC now.

Part 2. Detail steps to update and install Windows Server 2016 or 2019

Steps to upgrade and install Windows Server 2016:

1. Plug Windows Server 2016 boot drive to PC and boot PC > Select "Language", "Time Format" and "Keyboard" > Click "Next".
2. Click "Install now" to start the installation process;

Install Windows Server 2016.

3. Select the right version of Windows Server that you need and click "Next".
4. Check I accept license terms > "Next" > Click "Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) for clean installation".

Clean install Windows Server 2016.

5. Select the hard drive that you want to install Windows Server on and click "Next" to continue the process;
You may need to specify the drive amount on MB and click "Apply". 
Warning pears to ask you permit system to create a drive for system files, click "OK" > "Next".
6. The system will start copying all files from external drive to internal hard drive. Be patient and this may take you some time. And the system will also restart several times.
7. Customize settings on your new Windows Server 2016, and click "Finish" when you complete the setting process.
The administrator is the default username.

Update to Windows Server 2016.

Now you can press Ctrl + Alt + Del to jump to a login page and you can then enter username and password and hit "Enter" to start using your Windows Server 2016 now.

Update and install Windows Server 2016.

Steps to install Windows 10 Server 2019 (Only Available for Insider Users): 

As we all know that the Windows Server 2019 is only available for insider users, so if you want to download and install the latest Windows 10 Server 2019 on your machine, follow tips in the below to download and install Windows 10 Server 2019 preview build as an insider user:

Step 1. Join the Windows Insider Program using your account or your organization account.

Step 2. Once done, go to the Windows Server Insider Preview page and download the current build. 

If you prefer an official guide provided by Microsoft, please refer to Windows Server Insider Install tutorial to download and install Windows Server 2019 on your machine now.