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Solved: Remove Sony Pen Drive Write Protection

Posted on Jan 25, 2018 by Jean to Partition Master

Try multiple ways to delete/format/remove Sony pen drive write protection when receive error saying this disk is write-protected on Sony pen drive.

Sony Pen Drive Write-protected Issue

"My Sony pen drive 16GB won't format in Windows, with an error message - this disk is write-protected. I don't remember when I had changed it to write protection state. Now totally get confused about the error. Please help me remove Sony pen drive write protection so that I can use it for other purposes."

Overview of Write Protection

When you're told that the disk is write-protected, you can no longer add new data to its memory. Write protection allows a drive or SD card to keep its contents from being changed. Other than Sony pen drive users, other customers of SanDisk, Kingston, Toshiba, Samsung, Lexar, Transcend and more had the same problem, and desperately need help with write protection removal methods. 

Multiple Ways Fix Write Protection from Generic USB Flash Drive/Pen Drive/SD Card (Sony included)

To get rid of the write protection limit from many branded storage drive and memory card, including Sony brand, there are multiple solutions available. Try basic operations first, then command prompt, then modify the registry in Windows, at last, try to format a write-protected drive in Windows Safe Mode or with a third-party free partition manager.

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 Windows 10 is supported

1. Basic operations

1) SD card: turn the lock button off; the lock mechanism resides on either side of the SD card.

2) Check drive's property, see if its capacity is full. You may get write protection error is there is no more free space on the drive.

3) Check file's attributes in Windows, uncheck "Read-only" box and click "Apply".

4) Run antivirus program to scan and remove virus.

2. Advanced operations

1) Command prompt

Press Windows key + R and type cmd to pen command prompt >> type diskpart and press Enter >> type list volume and press Enter >> (find you USB, pen drive or SD card in the list, let it be 3) type select volume 3 >> Type attributes disk clear readonly and press Enter >> type exit and press Enter.

2) Edit the Registry in Windows

Click Start menu and type regedit into the Search for programs and files field >> Hit Enter >> navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies >> look for a key named WriteProtect >> click on Modify >> Change the "Value data" entry to .0 (This will disable write protection for all of your drives.)

3) Format write protected drive

Option 1: Reboot computer in Safe Mode >> Open the Computer/This PC window >> Right-click on your USB drive and select "Format >> Select "FAT32" from the "File system" menu (recommended) >> Uncheck the "Quick Format" box and click "Start".

Option 2. Connect external drive or SD card to a Windows computer. Download and run EaseUS Partition Master, follow its instructions to format write-protected SD card/USB/Pen Drive.

format write protected Sony pen drive

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 Windows 10 is supported