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Fixed: Computer/PC Slow Down after Windows 10 Creators Update

Updated on Dec 19, 2018 by Tracy King to Partition Master

Computer, PC or laptops are running slower after Windows 10 Creators update? Don’t know how to speed up PC after Windows 10 Creators update slows down your computer performance? Relax! Read this article and follow offered 4 effective methods to fix this issue and speed up Windows 10 Creators computer with ease now.

PC and computers slow down after updating to Windows 10 Creators, help!

Case 1. Windows 10 Creators update slows down PC

"Hello, I installed Windows 10 Creators update in my computer today, and it installed smoothly on my PC. No problem occurred. I feel so lucky. 
But after this, I got some bad experiences. Some apps and basic programs cannot respond soon when I click to use them. There seems some lags exist in those programs. 
It feels like that Windows 10 Creators update slows down the computer instead of bringing faster and improved performance. So how to do the job?

Case 2. Windows 10 slow computer after manually updating to Creators update

"My computer seriously slow down after updating to Creators update. Before the upgrade, my computer can boot up within 10 seconds. But now, it would take almost 1 minute to boot. And the video player and some other apps seem to have lags while playing. 
So I want to know is there a way or are there any methods that can help improve computers after updating to Windows 10 Creators?

According to Google, Microsoft community and some other big forums, it seems that Windows 10 Creators update indeed has brought some inconveniences to some Windows users. So what can you do if Windows 10 Creators slow down your PC? If you are having such an issue, relax and follow offered solutions here to get your problem solved and speed up your PC now.

Method 1. Fix PC slow issue after Windows 10 Creators update by optimizing Startups

You have two steps for optimizing Windows Startups: 1. Disable Fast Startup; 2. Optimize High Startups Impact Process.
You can follow the below guidelines to optimize Startups and fix computer slow issue now:

Step 1. Disable Fast Startup

  1. 1. Go to Start > "Control Panel" > Power option and select "Choose what the power button does".
  2. 2. Select "Change settings that are currently unavailable" > Uncheck "Turn on fast startup" box > Click "Save changes".

Step 2. Improve High Startups Impact process

  1. 1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Del keys > Select "Task Manager".
  2. 2. Go to the "Startup" tab > Right-click the unnecessary startups with high startup impact and select "Disable".
  3. 3. Navigate to "Service" tab > Select "Hide all Microsoft services".
  4. 4. Uncheck all unnecessary services and click "Stop" to disable them all.

Method 2. Speed up Windows 10 Creators PC by cleaning up and optimizing system disk

When the computer disk contains quite a lot of large files and useless junk files, the computer will slow down. And it’s a wise choice to optimize system disk after Windows system update. Here you can apply free partition manager software to speed up your Windows 10 Creator PC by cleaning up and optimizing system disk with free partition manager software - EaseUS Partition Master Free.

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EaseUS Partition Master Free supports you to cleanup and optimize computer disk with its "System Optimize" feature. You can free download this software here and apply its System Optimize features: Junk File Cleanup, Large File Cleanup, and Disk Optimization to speed up your PC with Windows 10 Creators now. 

Method 3. Change Power Settings to fix Windows 10 Creators PC slow error

  1. 1. Press "Win + X" keys to open "Control Panel" > Select "Power Options" under "Hardware and Sound".
  2. 2. Select "Choose what power buttons do" > Open "Change settings to view the options that are currently unavailable".
  3. 3. Click "Shutdown settings" > Check "Turn on fast startup" box > "Save changes".

Method 4. Roll back Windows 10 Creators to the previous version and fix PC slow issue

According to some Insider users, computer slow issues indeed exist if users install an fast ring of Windows 10 or Windows 10 Creators update on their PCs. Therefore, the last way to fix PC slow down issue after Windows 10 Creators update is to rollback Windows 10 Creators to the previous version:

  1. 1. Go to "Settings" > "Update and Security".
  2. 2. Click "Recovery" > Click "Get Started" under "Go Back".
  3. 3. Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the Windows system rollback process.

After this, you can reuse your computer normally again, and everything will work just fine.